Automating Chrome/Firefox Web Extension?

Hey guys is their a way to automate web extensions itself through Katalon yet? At the moment i can install it during runtime, but I don’t know how to click on the extension

Are you trying to automate the Katalon Recorder Browser extension from within Katalon Studio?

If yes, I think you’ll need to use the Desktop testing mode.

If you know programming (or willing to learn) then you can just do basically everything a web extension allows you to.

I am not sure what you’re asking for, but if you’re heading for the direction like @Russ_Thomas pointed out then yeah you would need to do desktop automation. More descriptions on what you want to achieve would help.

Hey @Russ_Thomas my company has a web extension which works with our web page, which i wanted to automate itself. The webpage is not a problem to automate, but the extension itself is what i wanted to know can it be automated through Katalon Studio(talking about our private web extension, not Katalon Recorder Browser extension).

Cool. Then yes, you need Desktop mode. (Link above)

You could also use the Java Robot class and toolkit.