Automatic download on firefox


Regarding the browser: Firefox

I’ve ran into a problem regarding a test script.
In my script I am downloading a .pdf file.
However every time I click on the button and the file generates, I get the Browser Alert message if I want to open it or download it.

While I can click on “always download, remember button” Once the browser closes and Katalon initiates a new instance, I get the popup again as it’s a clean session.

I’ve tried to look for a proper solution on the net but can’t find it. Is there anyone that can help me with this?
These are the settings I have added in Katalon for Firefox Profile.

application/download, application/octet-stream, text/csv, application/, application/msexcel, application/x-msexcel, application/excel, application/pdf

Thanks in advance.

Maybe set a fixed path for your Downloads…

This post could maybe help:

I looked into that one. Not sure if it could work with firefox, but…
The computers in here at work are based on an image. So everytime I boot up the computer it is as if it’s a fresh setup.

I’m using a USB stick for the Katalon executable and project so that I don’t have to do all that every day… But for the thing on that link, I will have to do that (if it works) every day which is not wanted.

So I am wondering if there is any other solution perhaps in Katalon itself to solve this problem?

Selenium allows you to set capabilities programmatically. I’m sure @Brandon_Hein can share a line or two of wisdom here.