Autogenerated files include errors

In the Libs folder for my project, the CustomKeywords.groovy file had the following line added to it from Katalon.

import [Ljava.lang.String;

When I run my test cases it tells me there is an error and gives me the option to proceed, which I do and the tests run without error. I tried to modify the file and remove the line above to prevent the warning from coming every time I run a test, but am not able to edit the file.

The first project I created had a corruption with Global Variables that prevented me from even running my test cases. I haven’t used Global Variables, so I didn’t dig into it to see what was wrong. I ended up copying all my scripts into Word and starting a new project because of the corruption and that seemed to fix everything for a while, now I’m experiencing the issues described in my new project.

Yes, one of my keywords does contain a String[] as a return.

This is a bug of Katalon, we will fix it soon.

If u can’t wait for the hot-fix, please change the return to def.


Hi Michael,

Maybe one of your keywords includes String[] in returned type or parameters. We will check this case.