Auto Update Fails

Getting Exception when trying to update Katalon studio tool

An internal error occurred during: “Checking for Updates…”.
Invalid JSON syntax. Root cause: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Expected BEGIN_OBJECT but was STRING at line 1 column 1 path $

Katalon Studio
Version: 5.7.0
Build: 1

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Same problem


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This started happening for me this morning (Oct 22, 2018) after applying the latest Java update. I allowed it to uninstall out-of-date Java versions
“Java 6 Update 45”,
“Java 8 Update 181” and
“Java 10.0.2”.
Afterwards I downloaded and installed “Java 8 Update 191” from, and rebooted.
That fixed an error in another application that uses some Java libraries, but not this one.

Update: I was also on Katalon 5.7.0. I upgraded to Katalon 5.8.0 and it works now.
This required a full download and fresh install.

I seem to have a similar problem every time an upgrade is available. I am prompted there is a new version and confirm to upgrade. It downloads and then asks to restart. It never restarts though. When I reopen it manually (sometimes after a day) it asks me if I want to upgrade again. The only way to “upgrade” is to delete the old version and install the new. What a pain in the ass!

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