[Authorization] OAuth 2.0

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I want to just pass the access token to katalon command from console. Is this doable?
Please show an example.

Have you tried to set your acce token to be a global variable. I am trying to do something like this in the HTTP Header window/editor

Authorization Bearer $(accessToken)

The accessToken is a global and passed from command line.

Appreciate any help.

Can we automate this process. If yes, How can we achieve this?

It would be great if someone give me a solution.

Thanks in Advance!!

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I noticed that when using OAuth 2.0 Client Credentials that they do not save to the request. I have to enter this every time. Is there away to save them that was not documented? If this is as designed, are their plans to solve this issue?

Basic Authorization saved when saving changes to the post request.

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Hi, I am also trying to find a way for the same. Did you find a way?

And since the authorization data isn’t saved right now, how does an Excel file need to be prepared to be able to use imported data?
I tried using the key values “consumer key”, “consumer_key”, “Consumer Key”, “key” but Katalon won’t recognize them.

I am getting the value of jwt and storing it in Global Variable prior to this step.