As of Chrome 115, Tools > Update WebDrivers > Chrome no longer works

Hi all!

Anyone else getting this message after Chrome updated today and now Katalon Studio can’t update Chrome web driver from Tools area?

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More and more people are getting confused by Chrome v115+ plus Chrome for Testing.
Katalon, what are you going to do with this issue?
Any roadmap?


I’ll address it with product and the support teams

Thanks for the heads up.


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So, starting with Chrome 115 you have to download/install Chrome for Testing (CfT). Each release comes complete with a chromedriver binary ready to go (or so they claim).

Trust Google to make it sound simple AND complicated AND contradictory.:

So is it integrated or not??? :roll_eyes:

Anyway, download your shiny new CfT here (make sure you choose the correct download for your platform(s) and, my advice, use only a STABLE release) Chrome for Testing availability

More info: ChromeDriver - WebDriver for Chrome - Version Selection

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This solution worked for me. In addition, I have also added chromedriver to my project folder. Refer to this link on how to locate it in your project folder: Upgrade or Downgrade WebDrivers in Katalon Studio

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Hi folks,

Thank you very much @kazurayam for bringing this issue up. :+1:

Our Product team has recently released the August 18, 2023 update to the Katalon Platform which addressed this issue :point_down:



I installed the new Katalon Studio v8.6.6 and tried Tools > Update WebDrivers > Chrome operation.

It worked. That’s good.

Previously v8.6.5 tried the URL

and failed becase the URL is not there.

On the other hand in the dialog of v8.6.6, I noticed the following INFO message:

[INFO] Downloading

Katalon Studio v8.6.6 changed the URL from which it downloads the chromebdriver’s binary. I suppose this is one of the changes made at v8.6.6.

It seems that Katalon team decided that WebUI.openBrowser() would continue opening the ordinary Chrome browser. The keyword would NOT open Chrome for Testing in Katalon Studio.

In other words, Katalon Studio v8.6.6 ignores Chrome for Testing. OK. I would accept it.

Users, please note, if you want to use Chrome for Testing with Katalon (especially in a docker image), you need to configure your system for yourself.


After updating katalon to 8.6.6 , issue has been resolved , thank you @Katalon_team


Is it resolved also for the runner?

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Katalon_Studio_Engine_*_64-8.6.6 is also released.

Why not you try it to check? Please report the result back here.

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I got update from team that we will fix the failure of updating WebDriver with Chrome v115 in v8.6.6. Thank you for you all raising the issue.


Updating katalon to 8.6.6 worked well. Thanks.

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