Arrays. js, WebExtension?


  • can I pass variable value from js to katalon recorder?
  • can I pass variable value from katalon recorder to js ?
  • can I use arrays in katalon recorder?
  • can I use WebExtension standard in katalon recorder?

Hey @lerneree1,

correct me if im understanding you wrong!

  • You can use js in recorder like that
  • You should be able to use a variable from recorder in js by using the ${abc} *for example
  • With the arrays i cant help you rn but i think there should be dataformat “list” which works like an array
  • What do you mean by WebExtensions standard ?

Thank you. where can i get more infor about $(abc) and dataformat list?

I’ve been using Selenium beforehand and found it over google…

But i would highly suggest, using Katalon Studio … You can do so much more with it!