Are there RECENT videos on API testing?

Seems most of the videos are using version 5.4 - and the current version is 7.2 - so can anyone direct me to videos on how to setup an API test case using the most current version of the tool?

Looking for the BEST step by step video for how to setup a test case to test an API. One where the person is speaking clearly and not in a heavy accent where I have to add close caption to understand what he is saying.

I have watched 3 so far and none go thru the whole process…

thanks so much…trying to evaluate the tool for management

Not sure about videos, but you can also reference the written documentation here:


or write your own api class or keyword using groovy or java or even python
google shows how to do that :slight_smile:

I think they are just doing an evaluation, not a full-blown implementation:

To be fair, I’ve implemented my own API for this, as you’ve mentioned, but I’m already fully invested in the tool! :slight_smile:

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Have you seen these?


thank you, I have watched most of these but they do not answer most of my questions and they are all based on 5.4 version, not the current version so they don’t always work

Making videos is a time-consuming and thankless task.

Maintaining and upgrading a leading software product on a rapid release cycle (which most users demand) creates issues for documentation and instructional videos.

I don’t see those videos improving any time soon. Sorry.

Videos usualy are made for the people trying to get an overall idea on what the tool can do, but not accurate tutorials on how to do it.
For the usage part, the user must, at a minimum, read the provided manual/doc if mastering is a target.
And tips and tricks.
And so on