App integration with browser-stack issue

Hi , we are evaluating this tool and quite impressive ,
just one issue ,which i couldn’t handle it yet is the integration with browser-stack
i am trying to open my app as defined in remote execute for project setting
on execuring the project remotely i am getting an error:" [app] capability must be a valid BrowserStack App-Automate App URL. (WARNING: The server did not provide any stacktrace information)"
my app url is correct as i uploaded it to BS via curl command CLI and the app appears there correctly ,please help , we love this tool and wan’t to continue with it


I guess this integration issue with BS is not quite popular here, but i will update my progress :
just replacing param :“app” to “app-url” will fix the issue , but the real problem is not the app-url but how to record BS session as mobile session and not Webui session , since recording from BS remote session is not generating mobile keywords but WEbUI keywords ,which will consider as mobile recording