APK file -creating a new test case for Mobile testing

I am new to automating test cases, and am trying to create my first Test case on Mobile testing. The sample Android mobile test ran successfully for me on Katalon.

How do I determine the APK file or where do i find the required APK file to create /start a new test case to begin mobile recorder? (Test Cases>New>Test Case. With Test case selected>Record Mobile>Application File

thanks in advance.

NOTE:This post can be removed - APK file obtained!.

Hi @mjoseph,

Could you please share how you found the .apk file so that other people with the same problem might find the answer?



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Sure - I reached out to the developer team and asked if APK File is available -they provided me the link to Bamboo server where the builds sit for the application. -the APK file sits in the completed build and is also found in the Artifacts tab.

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