API security testing


I am wondering if it is possible to test my Restful API with Katalon Studio.
I can’t find any information of this, and i’m aware of this other similar topic : Secure API Testing, is this still of actuality ?

This does mean there’s no automatic scan like XSS, SQL Injection, Fuzzing… for testing my API ?
I can do some test with variables to have a dynamic approach but this is quite difficult for everything I want to test.

Maybe in futur version a plugin/fonctionnality will make this possible ?
What do you recommand for my concern ? (Zed Attack Proxy ?)

Thank you.

@d7556096 katalon is designed for generic functional testing.
So, any RESTfull API can be tested with this tool, and not only.
Security testing is a particular subset of functional testing.
So, on short, yes, it is possible to use it for this scope.
But, you have to create testcases by yourself, using the above mentioned tehniques … and whatever else you desire