API - create test via record

Hello guys,

I would like to ask you if it is possible to create automation test for API via record (same as for Web - clik on object).
I have downloads trial version KATALON STUDIO…so I try to figured out how to create and record scrip from my API - but I have no idea.
I check some video (dirctly form Katalon.com) - but they taked data from WEB and I need take data from software on my desktop.
thanks for reply
ps. before I work with UFT - Unified Functional Testing so Katalon is totaly new for me.

why would you need that?
cmoon… how you can ‘inspect’ something to generate, let’s say, rest api calls?
you either know the endpoints or not

I’m assuming the “record” is a JSON or XML structure. @sona.danihelova want’s to feed that into “something” and it spits or a test case?

Might be better with a schema - perhaps. Either way, there’s nothing in KS that can do this (to my knowledge).

ok … thanks for your reply…
have a nice day

The only helpers Katalon provides for Webservice testing to create requests is, import from various sources, e.g OpenAPI, Swagger, Postman collection etc … but this is all.
You can start to read about such here:

So, if the API subject to test provides the endpoints documentation in one of the supported formats, this can be of a great help to speed-up the tests development.
(provided it works fine, I never tried this options.
I usually make only generic request objects, fully parametrized and I build the final request from the tescases)
You still have to write the testcases / validations but at leas the requests objects can be generated faster.
Otherwise you have to create them by hand.