Anyone use OWASP - ZAP Proxy together with Katalon to test security issues


I am starting on implementing a test that will include OWASP ZAP Proxy, Katalon and Jenkins to test that a website is secure, would like to know if anyone has tried this before?

I do know that people have done it with Selenium so it is do-able … just wanted some tips if anyone tried it with Katalon.


@Yaacov Silverstein thanks for this post I never seen ZAP tool but heard about it looking forward for your project:) I saw one video on YouTube on ZAP by mozzila security tester will.share the link

Any update here from anyone?
@Mahesh joshi: was that link about, katalon integration with ZAP?

Bump - This would be very interesting if it is possible to achieve.

Hi, I was able to run ZAP in Katalon however I had to create a web driver instance [mean unable to use WEBUI keyword [so pre-scripted script won’t work with that]]. How were your experience with it?