Android App Restarts at Each Test Suite

I’m currently building a cross platform software. Users accessing the app from a browser can communicate with those using android devices. To test some features, I’m creating test cases and test suites for browsers separately. (If I understood correctly, each test suite can only be run with either a mobile device or a browser).

With this structure, I’m able to create test suite collections that can test that a browser has received a message from an android device by running two test suites sequentially.


However, some features require two step verifications, so I’m looking to create a test flow that’s similar to this,


In order to do so, I need the Android app to stay active for the entire collection, so I modified the execution settings as suggested by other posts,
Android app restarts after each test case - Katalon Studio - Katalon Community.
And using Mobile.startApplication(path, false) to stop test cases from closing the app.
However, I wasn’t able to stop the second android test suite from restarting the app.

I also looked into using test listeners but I believe what I need here are listeners on the collection level which is not currently supported by Katalon. Ability to have a Suite (Collection) Set Up and Tear Down just like a Test Case Set Up / Teardown - Katalon Studio - Katalon Community

Does anybody know how I can approach this problem? Any advice would be much appreciated. I was able to create this test flow using Ranorex but since my company is considering migrating to Katalon, I’m hoping that there is a work around to this issue.