Amazon-AWS-Athena SQL Query Issue

Hi Team,
I’m doing some POC on Katalon Studio using Webservice Rest API by integrating with Amazon AWS-Athena database. The Test connection was successful. However the query is not getting executed. Whenever I click on Edit Query, The tool is not responding. Everytime, I have to close & reopen the tool. Would like to know is the query in right format? Please advice.

How the connection to AWS Athena is configures in your project?
How did verify the connection was successful? Any screenshot?

How should we know? It is your DB.
You can validate your queries using the provided tools:

Thanks for the comments. The database already configured in AWS-Athena and query is getting executed successfully. I’m unable to execute the same query in Katalon studio. The tool is not responding. Getting below message when I click on Edi t query.

Hi! I have attached the screenshot for your reference. The query is getting successfully in AWS-Athena. However the same query is not running successfully in Katalon studio. Please find attached screenshot.

Thanks for sharing the doc. But I have configured AWS-Athena database already, the query is getting executed successfully. Only challenge here is unable to execute the same query in Katalon studio under Edit Query. There is no response. The tool is not responding. Please find the attached screenshot.

Which tool did you use on your PC to execute the query on AWS Athena database?

Did you used the AWS CommandLine Interface?

I don’t think that you can make a connection between your code in Katalon Studio and AWS Athena service using the Katalon’s Database connection for data driven testing. It is not supported.

Some other testing tools supports integration with AWS Services. Let’s look at Postman for example. Let’s look at how users are required to configure Postman to make it authenticated with AWS services. That will tell us what Katalon still misses.

See the AWS document: Using Postman with AWS Pinpoint

Create six new variables: endpoint , region , serviceName , accountId , accessKey , and secretAccessKey . Use the following table to determine which value to enter in the Initial Value column for each variable.

I believe that you, @arun.rajendran, know what accessKey and secretAccessKey are. These are the very essential information for you to get authenticated by AWS to use any of the AWS services.

This document tells that Postman is able to be informed of your accessKey and secretAccessKey . This implies that Postman is designed to delegate you to authenticate with AWS.

Katalon Studio does not support such integration with AWS yet.

If you write your test case (Groovy script) to call the AWS SDK in Java without Katalon’s Database Connection service, then it is possible to connect with any of AWS services. The following post shows what I did previously.

Using AWS SDK in Katalon Studio, how to resolve external dependencies with Gradle

Why not you try the same?

So, it is the time to came back to the question pointed by @kazurayam
How did you configured the connection to the DB and why you are so sure it is properly configured?
AFAIK, Katalon Studio does not support such out of the box with the Data Driven feature.
You have checked the “use global settings” … fine. but you don’t show to us the actual connector

I do not see how you are informing your accessKey and secretAccessKey to AWS.

The input field labeled as “User” and “Password” are not the place to type the accessKey and secretAccessKey.

I noticed that a message “Connection successful!” in the screenshot which @arun.rajendran attached. This must be the reason why he wrote “the query is getting executed successfully”.

I am not convinced by this message.

This message suggests to me that a TCP connection to the URL “jdbc:awsathena://AwsRegion=eu-west…” was established. So the URL string is asserted to be OK. There is a node which can receive more TCP messages if sent.

That’s all this message means, no more than that.

The message “Connection successful!” does NOT mean that @arun.rajendran were successfully authenticated by AWS. Before accessing to the database instance, @arun.rajendran must declare which AWS accout to use with valid accessKey & secretAccessKey. He hasn’t done it yet. Therefore any TCP messages from @arun.rajendran’s process in Katalon to the jdbc: URL were silently dropped. Therefore he got no respose from the node.

End of my guess.