Alt + Left_Arrow shortcut not works on Win10

Hi, the Backward History shortcut “Alt + Left” not works on Windows 10. Could anybody help to have a look or give me some instructions how to bypass this issue? I use Alt + Left heavily to backward history.

You can’t issue commands like “back” from test case code using keys. The test case is designed to control the application/web site running inside the browser whereas you are trying to control the browser itself.

You will need to use Selenium code in your test case:


I’m not an expert in this area, but @Brandon_Hein is - he might have more advice for you.

If your set on using keys, the built-in WebUI.sendKeys() cannot handle function keys, unfortunately. To do so, use pure selenium:

DriverFactory.getWebDriver().sendKeys(Keys.chord(Keys.ALT, Keys.ARROW_LEFT))

Hi Brandon and Russ, thank you very much for the response and sorry about the confusing here. It’s related to the quick ways to navigate the editor using the keyboard but not about navigating the webdriver.

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Am also looking for the same to navigate back to previous code in katalon studio editor. Any solution for this?