Again problem with selectwindow / selectpopup

refering to this post:

The comand “selectwindow” or “selectpopup” doesnt work with the title, if ther is a space in the tilte of the new window or popup.

Even the example on katalon-recorder-samples/selectWindow.html at master · katalon-studio/katalon-recorder-samples · GitHub

According to your example a page with the title “three 3” can be selected, but it is just selectet because this is a new window.
(yes allow pop-ups is activated)

If you add this to the and of your test script:

selectWindow → title=two 2
selectWindow → title=three 3

it does’nt select the windows … can you fix that?


We tried the script with title “one 1”, “one 2”, “one 3” and extra steps like “selectWindow | title=one 1” and it still worked ( Could you please check again if this script works on your side.

Thanks, it worked now, I don’t know what i have done wrong.

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