401 Unauthorized

Getting ‘401 unauthorized’ status while running GET method.

i know i have to put some kind of authorization, since i am new to this tool so don’t know how to do that.



Here is the instruction on how to create first API testing with authentication part as well. https://www.katalon.com/resources-center/tutorials/create-first-api-test-katalon-studio/

You could have a look at it.

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Great Help Thanks…

Dear Trong,
I got the same issue posted in following topic.

Could you pls have a look and give some advice if any?

I tried to write the test cases to get Autho Basic info from GET request then input the POST request, but still got 401.

Hello @Trong_Bui, I checked out that documentation, but it’s not exactly clear as to what “username” and “Password” I should use. Because I’ve tried using my Katalon account credentials, but still I get the 401 response error.
Any other ideas on how to go around this issue?