2 factor authentication - for automation

Hello, I see this question was asked but no real solution. I have to log into my company site with a browser however I use chrome. Once I try to log in and run into 2 factor authentication during automation we have an issue. Can someone send a link or steps to fix 2 factor attention. IS the ONLY solution to have **development ** remove 2 factor auth when automation or we can add scripting code to do this? Please help

Hi @naomy.arnold, If your company is using texting for 2FA then you could implement 2FA with something like… SMS API | Twilio but you may need help from your dev team. We use this service at our company.

Thank you so much for responding. I will ask the Dev team. I didn’t see much on this with Katalon.
I really appreciate you taking the time to respond to this post. Anything you can send me please feel free to do so…

easiest and quickest is to disable 2FA for QA or non prod environments. if its mandatory across environment other workaround still possible based on ur current 2FA

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Have you documented this anywhere, Dave? It would make a great TIPS article.

yeah!! it should be great TIPS article!!

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I use 2FA while testing. Typically we use TOTP but that was problematic using Katalon so for testing we have enabled a PIN 2FA authentication scheme which Katalon can deal with easily.

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Good idea @Russ_Thomas, When I get sometime I will create a tips document. :slight_smile:

Hi @barry.reid, Can you share the 2FA authentication scheme you use with the forum?