URGENT : Not able to launch app in Browserstack while executing from test from Katalon

Hi, Any updates on this, please. which Katalon release this will be considered

Hi, I’ve seen this post after opening my own post, for what is looks like a similar issue:
i have just wondering if this is this the same issue as describe , since in my case i am trying to pass the App-id as a parameter from katalon remote project setting and not in code as appears here ,but anyway i didn’t success to open the App as described there.

Here is the sample project to replace built-in keyword with another custom keyword to handle ‘Start Application’ issue in this case . Using latest Katalon Studio version is suggested. Things to adjust
- BrowserStack desired capabilities in Project -> Settings -> Default -> Remote

katalon-remote-executions 3.zip

All the commands supported by selenium are supported on BrowserStack. Review the sample document on Katalon-BrowserStack here. You can view the supported language and frameworks here.

If you have exported the test cases as selenium scripts from Katalon, you can run it with BrowserStack ‘App Automate’ by following the below steps:

  1. Use the REST API to upload your app to the BrowserStack cloud: https://www.browserstack.com/app-automate/rest-api?framework=appium#app-upload

  2. Pass the returned hashed-id of the uploaded app in ‘app’ capability. You may refer to Katalon documentation for more details: https://docs.katalon.com/display/KD/BrowserStack+Integration

Is there an any documentation or video available which shows how to execute a mobile app on BrowserStack using katalon studio. I have tried lots of different things but nothing seems to be working currently.

am still have the same issue in 2021 :grinning: so any updates

Same problem too. Seems like Browserstack do not get the “app” capability configured in the “Project Settings > Desired Capabilities > Remote” section

Hi @marc.etienne-prestat,

The app capability of the remote exeuction is the parameter of Mobile.startApplication keyword. Eg:

Mobile.startApp('your app id', false)