Upto Which Version is free in katalonstudio

Have a question about katalon studio, there is a requirement in my project to do basic
regression so we want opensource tool to automate WebUI, kindly let me know upto which version(katalonstudio) is free?

As it currently stands, up to the current version of Katalon Studio is free, but some features are locked behind the paid version, have a look at https://katalon.com/pricing/ for more information on what the free version will offer you

Note that, Katalon Studio is free as in ‘free beer’.
But the code is not, only some small parts of Katalon are opensourced.
see: Katalon studio-Open source

Thank you Kenzie for your response.
I want to know what are those some features are locked behind paid version, could you please give me a example

i’ve personally been using the free version for quite a while, so i don’t know what exactly the paid version offers on top of the free version, but if your use-case is to do basic regression testing then the free version should offer you all the tools you need

Thanks for spending time with us, Could you please mention what are those some small parts of Katalon are opensources

Check the topic I gave you, is a link on Github there.