Upload file not working

How about trying again but with putting two slashes between the pathway to the file, like below? You need to do this sometimes to “escape” (indicate) the slash as a slash and not another “escaped” character.


i have added double slashes. same result


Then can I suggest to put the “Test.pdf” file in another location, such as the Data folder of KS and try to see if you can upload it from there. I am just checking if the OneDrive location is a concern. And leave the double slashes on the file pathway.

how do i move the file to a data folder in KS. I created a new folder but it wont let me it move it.

I have to let you play with what you can do to test the various parts of uploading a file, but file permissions is one of the items that could prevent you from doing what you want. Can you do it manually?