Testing iOS - How to escape the apostrophe character


You wrote “it does not work” with Object 1.

You must have got some error message.

I suppose Katalon Studio gave you some message that tells

The Object 1 is meant to be used for WebUI testing, but you applied it to Mobile testing. You made a mistake. Please fix it.

Did you see it or not?

What error message did you actually see?

Was the message informative for you?

May be the message was not informative enough for you, so you got confused.

You can submit a request to improve Katalon Studio for other users in future.

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Thank you @thanh.tung.170861 for the confirmation. I’m glad that @kazurayam has a solution for you. Thank you @kazurayam for your consistent follow-ups and great effort.

As Kazu mentioned, you can share the feedback in this sub-cat Bugs Report - Katalon Community so our team can improve our products better.

Thanks to you guys, we have a great supportive community going on. Cheers! :star_struck: