Test Case ends and then repeats


One more thing, Paul…

Are you retrying failed test cases? I didn’t see an obvious pointer to a failure but just thought I’d ask:



you are running a test suite not a test case. have you binded the excel data to it?
and have you run that suite in a collection?

with only partial info you suplied up to now i am affraid we cannot help you too much

by binding an 30 lines datasheet to a testcase in a suite, exactly that will happen. the test case will run 30 times, once for each data row


I’m thinking you should add your name to the DDT specialists :wink:


Thank you everyone, I think that explains it.
I have bound data and there are 30 rows. I need to take out the loop that I put in and let the binding do the loops.

I’ve learnt a lot through this exercise, very much appreciate the help.



What great forum. Proactive and helpful. Cheers


sure, you can enlist me also in that section … i forgot that i was playing a bit with data driven.
you know me … i am lazy to edit the post myself (and i still hate my phone)