Katalon Studio 21: How to do Mobile (Android) Testing on Mac OS via 7 steps

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Hi Raghav, your videos are very inspiring.

I face an issue when I try to record.i.e

  1. When I click on Record Mobile
  2. Select Local Devices, select my device
  3. Select APK file.
  4. Click on start.
    It starts the appium server and throws this error. Please refer screenshot and help me where is that I am making a mistake. I have followed the exact same steps.

I am encountering the same issue and would also like to know how to proceed further or how to resolve it.

Hi Raghav,
I am not able to proceed further.
I am getting the following errors on macOS
Can you help me resolve it ASAP?


Please try this solution:

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This Suggestion was helpful and it worked. Does Katalon have any customer support chat box where we can connect on the spot and get resolve our queries then and there? Please do let me know as I have mutiple queries and posting all the queries here is not possible. Please Help!

Please help me to resolve this issue.
I can’t run spy and record with android real devices.