Is there any Limitation of No of Execution Profiles Created inside a Project


Inside a WebUI Project, is there any limitation on creation of Execution Profiles?
if yes, please provide the input.


I don’t know but I think there isn’t any designed figure to restrict the number of Execution Profiles.

I would be interested if you try creating a lot (several thousands, for example) and report your findings here.

If you create some hundreds of Excecution Profiles, I guess the GUI of Katalon Studio would not be able to display them graphically ---- possibly you can not used them effectively.
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Execution Profiles are stored in a single folder. Windows OS has a limitation of the number of files under a folder = 65,534. So you would not be able to create more than that.

Exectuion Profiles are transformed into a single Groovy class Libs/internal/GlobalVariables.groovy. A method of a class on Java VM has a limit to be under 64K bytes. That could be a constraint.

Thanks for the detailed info, we are working on Largescale Project where the execution profiles might go beyond 500… which helps in parallel executions… so
Let me try it out.


I think that it is not feasible of creating 500 Execution Profiles as Katalon Studio GUI would not be able to render them graphically. Simply, 500 exceeds the design assumption; any problems may occur; nobody can predict what will happen.

I would propose to you an alternative:

You would need to create only 1 or 2 Execution Profile, and 500 JSON files. Your code will load the JSON file and transfer the data into the GlobalVariables. This way is certainly feasible. Katalon Studio GUI would not stop you doing this.

Let me try this out and get back with results…
Thanks for the detailed info.