Execution Profile should be reported in the Report.html and exported to PDF

Which Execution Profile was applied to a Test Suite run? — this information is important, should be included in the Report.html and its PDF version.

The following screenshot shows what I want (I made this screenshot by manually editing the report generated by KS).



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I agree. I was looking for that same value a few days ago. Found it in another panel but it should be given prime space everywhere, not hidden away.

This would be a very useful feature. Management are looking at PDFs generated and sent. There is additional admin work required to present these results:

  1. Identify environment/profile used
  2. Rename the exported report to a meaningful name (probably inc name of Suite, not just a date/time)

Hi @kazurayam, @Russ_Thomas, @Dan_Bown,
We will consider including execution profile in the exported reports. We will inform you all should there be any updates.


Test Suites name + Execution Profile name + date/time — a long string of these 3 concatenated would make a more meaningful file name of the exported report. For example,

HP.execute_chronos CURA_DevelopmentEnv-category0 - banksOnly 20200620_071325.html

In my Katalon Studio project I have a single Test Suite (e.g, Test Suites/HP/execute_chronos) applied with 10 or more different Execution Profiles (e.g, `HP_DevelopmentEnv-category0 - banksOnly). Each of the different Execution Profiles injects different set of parameter values into the Test Suite. The Test Suite will produce totally different results according to which Execution Profile was applied. Therefore I need to differentiate the reports by which Execution Profile was applied to the Test Suite.

Any updates here

No updates yet. I checked KS 7.9.1 and found that Execution Profile is NOT included in the html compiled by the Basic Report plugin.

I have developed a custom solution for me.

My code compiles reports in JSON, for example:

The report includes the name of Execution Profile and GlobalVariable name=value pairs applied to the TestSuite run.

  "executedBrowser": "Chrome",
  "executionProfile": "default",
  "executionProfile_GlobalVariables": {
    "DEBUG_MODE": false,
    "foo": "bar",
    "Password": "",
    "Products": [
    "URL": "http://demoaut.katlaon.com/",
    "Username": "John Doe"
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