Create mobile Recorder with .APK

Actually, I have tried to use mobile testing with katalon studio. while I try to create mobile testing I selected my .apk file and proceed further. after I have faced an error dialog.

Please assist me to fix this problem. thanks

could anyone assist me to fix this issue?


Hope this helps:

I have followed your instructions it is working now thanks.
I am facing another problem while I record script and run again it shows error me that
=============== ROOT CAUSE =====================
Caused by: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Object is null

Could you help me to fix this issue


At the step 6th, the object is missing. Please set an object to the step and run again.

if for button action how to identify object?

You should double click on the Object cell at the 6th row and select an object.

yeah, I did it thanks.

while I record the script actually in the mobile device I am able to see the result but in the device, the view does not load the result. could you help me in this case


Just press Capture Object button whenever the view in Device View is out-of-sync.

okay i will check now

one more if i want to add script with existing test case how to add?


For further information, please read our documents:

okay thanks for your prompt reply

i have facing another problem while recording a script i try tap action for the button but katalon says prompt message due to i am unable to proceed further. could you help me to fix this issue?