Cannot Set Text on field

Hi @vinaykumar.ts,

When you tap the text field first, is the keyboard opening at all?

Can you share more info about what version of Appium and Katalon you’re using? What version of the Android SDK do you have and what device model and Android version is it running?

Could you also share a screenshot of the form where you’re trying to enter text?



Hey @Chris_Trevarthen ,
When I tap on the object sometimes keyboard opens.

I’m using Katalon 6.2.2 and tried with 6.3.3 also
Appium 1.8.1
java 1.8

Device: samsung M20 and Android version 8.1.0(This issue is happening for all the devices and version that i have tested)

Set text is stuck at the Landing page of the application while entering email

Hope you got more info about issue.

And also want to know that will katalon support PWA apps ?


Hi @vinaykumar.ts,

So the keyboard is showing sometimes, but there is no text set in the form field, is that correct?

Could you please share the log file?

I’m also curious to see what Appium thinks is on the screen at the time when the keyboard is open. Could you follow the steps in this post to create an XML file of the contents of the screen: Unable to click/tap on a button in Android WebView

As for PWA apps, from what I am reading, you can test them the same way you would test a website, just using the mobile device as the browser. This may mean using the WebUI functions instead of Mobile.

– Chris

Hey @Chris_Trevarthen

I have attached the XML file please refer the below document.
xml.txt (8.6 KB)


Hi, I faced the same error and make it work for me after changing xpath attributes.

If the text field has a prefix , say +99 , +91 etc then when we run the setText step, the +91 prefix gets removed, and since your xpath will be set like - //*[@class = ‘android.widget.EditText’ and (text() = ‘+91-’ or . = ‘+91-’) and @package = ‘in.foxy’]
and searches for the prefix to identify the text field, it won’t be able to set text.

as an experiment, try writing absolute xpath for it or just chose the Xpath under ATTRIBUTES under object details.

I am positive this will help. Other wise use keystroke action share in one of the links above in this thread.

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