You are invited to Katalon Community Top Contributor Program!

Hi Community Members,

We are elated to introduce to you our new Top Contributor Program at Katalon Community. This program aims at connecting, engaging and recognizing the most active contributors to the community.

:point_right: Please take a moment to visit the Top Contributor Program Booklet for more details.

:partying_face: You are welcomed to be a Katalon Top Contributor if you would love to:

  • Become the community active influencer with frequent visits
  • Give trustworthy support and welcome to community members
  • Share valued knowledge through posts created, solution marks and hearts received

:gift: To nurture the “pay it forward” spirit, we would like to recognize our Top Contributors with certain privileges. As a member of this program you will receive:

  • Special Profile Badge
  • Recognition on our Hall of Fame page
  • Katalon branded gift package
  • Katalon licenses
  • Gift card or donation to favorite charity
  • Sponsorship assistance for any meetups you host
  • Invitation to a private and exclusive group in the community

It’s only a few steps away from staying active and recognized in our Community, take this form to become a Top Contributor now!

Thank you so much!
The Katalon Community Team.


Is there any planned integration with Gitter community? A lot of front-line support happens there.


Hi Clifton,

Thank you for your suggestion. This is a great idea to have more timely support for our users. We are looking into it.


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I think it would be impossible for someone who just specialises in a product like Katalon Automation Recorder to ever be able to post / comment enough, etc to ever be able to qualify for this. Much easier for Katalon Studio by comparison.

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I agree, but I don’t think either is easier. The volume of traffic is so low, it’s nigh on impossible, even for me (and my stats speak for themselves). I think whoever wrote the requirements was smoking something very interesting… :crazy_face:

Over two years ago, those numbers may have worked, but not today.

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Thank you for all the feedback everyone. This is under the context that we previously used the old forum version with less updated emails and tools to encourage interactions from our users. Now, the newest version has been updated and we have more facilitating and fostering tools to keep track with all the activities. Besides, our team has prepared the walkthrough and guidelines posts to motivate all the discussions. We acknowledge the concern and will adjust accordingly.

Thanks and looking forward to more contributions from all users!