Xpath not work in same element

Hi Team,
I am facing a difficulty in handling Xpath in some web elements, most of webpage elements can be addressed by Xpath, but there are some elements I can’t do that. Is it affected by absolute path?

Xpath (2nd image): id(“select2-drop”)/div[@class=“select2-search”]/input[@class=“select2-input select2-focused”]

Xpath(3rd image): id(“frm1000326”)/div[@class=“form-body”]/div[@class=“row”]/div[@class=“col-md-6 field-container”]/div[@class=“form-group”]/fcs-fieldidentifier[1]/div[@class=“col-md-9”]/div[@class=“fcs-input-group”]/span[@class=“fcs-input-group-btn”]/button[@class=“btn blue”]




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seriously. Maybe someone help us?

1. if you read your post, you will see that it was affected by forum bug - and we cannot read your xpath properly (it’s scrambled)
2. try to share more of HTML so we can try to help you, because this can turn to quite big guessing game.

Hi Wang Hao, Ardo,

I also experience the same thing that it’s hard to locate the items in the dropdown using xpath.
But I manage to locate the item.

Can you provide some HTML source?

or even just the HTML of the dropdown container.