WSDL Loading error - stack overflow


I’ve been using Katalon Studio for about two months as a POC for my firm who’s looking for a solid and reliable testing tool. And I found Katalon Studio is a great testing tool. I really appreciate your great job and shearing it.

While I was working on SOAP Web service test with MS WCF web service, I got a stack overflow error on try to load (migrate) metadata from wsdl.

I have been researching the root cause of it. I’m afraid to say that I think the issue is in Katalon Studio.
With WCF service class attribute ServiceBehavior with namespace causes this stack overflow issue. And this bug was resolved and released a while ago. I also confirmed with MS support.

Could you please take a look at this bug and see if you guys can fix it in a short period of time, please?
Here’s my original post regarding the same issue.

I need this bug to be fixed so I can confirm with my firm that I can use this tool.

Again, thank you for your service and looking forward to hearing the solution.

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