Working with Jira Releases

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How does the releases feature work? We don’t use Jira but have created a few releases manually. The test cases seem to get associated with a release, but it’s not clear how this happens. I can’t find much documentation on this. It would be nice to have a record of test cases being executed against each release.

Please go to Releases to create a Release.

Then you can map executions to that release.

Go to the release again, you can see what test cases passed or failed in their most recent executions. A test case is shown as passed if and only if all of its test runs pass in its most recent execution. A test case can run multiple times in an execution (for example, with multiple data rows).

(Please click on the Passed/Failed labels to see details.)

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In the releases view of the plan, go to the project for which you want to create a release.
Click Create release next to the project name. …
Give the new release a name. …
Add a description for the new release.
For the start date, choose from one of the following options, and then set the date:

Hi @eric.baer,

Please visit this document to learn more about the Releases feature in TestOps.

Thank you.