Wireless appium


First of all thanks for this amazing tool!

I would like to run some test cases for Android devices using the wireless ADB function. From cmd i can see my wireless connected devices using ADB command. Is this also possible with Appium and Katalon and if so how?

I’ve seen some screenshots of executing appium remotely with katalon but they didn’t have any detailed explanation as to how to achieve this.

Thank you,


Hello Robin, were you able to run with ip connected adb device?
I also have a need for this, my device don’t have usb adb connectivity only ip adb.
From adb I can see my ip connected device, but not from KS…

I just retried to pick wireless connected device and it seems to be working out of the box… They probably add support for this feature in one of the Katalon updates B)

@Robin what did you do to pick a wireless connected device? I am trying to see if I can run my iOS mobile testing without having to plug in my device.