Windows recording improvements


I am trying to perform record and playback testing for my windows application.

I face the following issues while recording. Please help in my below queries.

Current Scenario Query
I have to click on the element in “Screen view” panel first to locate the element and bring it to object repository. Next I have to click on the same element in the application instance to start the click action. Is it possible for the recording tool to capture and record the scripts as and when I perform the action without the need for additional clicks?
Whenever a new element is loaded into the application, it is required to click on the refresh button to load all the items in the screen view. Is it possible for the tool to capture the new elements in the window without me clicking refresh every time?
In the Object repository the window elements are identified with some auto generated ID like button, button(1), button(2), etc. The actual ID given for the element is present under the attribute “AutomationID” Ex: btnSave. Is it possible for the tool to use the “AutomationID” as element name in Object repository? This will be helpful in identifying the element on which I perform the actions.