Will it support Salesforce Lightning?

Hi ,
I am learning this tool to understand how it is suitable for Salesforce Lightning.
But i have not found any documents or discussion regarding this.
Will it support Lightning ?

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Hello there ! did u get any solution on this? I am looking for the sfdc lightning module solution.

@Admin: How do I get the dynamic id or element selection for lightning objects?

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I’ve had a bit of a breakthrough with this today.

the problem with Lightning is element IDs and their Xpaths are generated dynamically (e.g. Id=43;19) then next load will be (id=32;54)

therefore recording the test will usually mean it fails when you rerun it as the element isn’t visible under the same.

however, (and please excuse my poor front-end terminology here) if you add the container / div that contains the field label (e.g. first name) and use the click offset command to your test object - this usually works fine in my experience so far.

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Hi Scott, did u get any solution for this?

Hi Scott,

Please share some sample screenshots to understand your solution better. Thanks in advance.