Will I still be able to use version 6.3.3?

I am already using version 6.3.3. So after April 30, 2020, will I still be able to use my installed version? The continuous integration of the jenkins with version 6.3.3 will be available even after the end of April 2020 and will this fact impact the execution of test suite in cmd on Jenkins ? Should we upgrade to version 7? And is this version free or should i have to buy a license?
Can we no longer download version 6.3.3 and activate it by the end of April?

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I would advise it, yes.

You cannot activate a fresh copy of older versions after April. You can only activate 7+ versions. Your old install will continue to work. A fresh install will not work.

Your other questions I’ll leave to @ThanhTo.

Thank you ,
@ThanhTo can you answer me ?

@ThanhTo we are waiting for your feedback :slight_smile:

To re-iterate Russ’s answer, you will not be able to activate 6.x version once April 2020 comes. This applies for 6.3.3 also, so it means that you can, in theory, use Jenkins to execute tests with a pre-installed activated 6.3.3 version, but there would be no support, troubleshooting or guarantee.

If for any reason that your machine goes down or caches are cleared, it would disrupt your work as it will not be possible to activate 6.x.x again. For CI/CD this could cause a lot of damage. For this reason it is encouraged to transition to our Runtime Engine as to receive official support, bug fixes and new features.

@ThanhTo so, if we do a transition to your Runtime Engine for Katalon 7. version,it will be for free or payable?

There is no free license for Runtime Engine, however you can have a 30-day trial for Runtime Engine and KS Enterprise with a business email. The pricing information is available on our website:

To be able to generate locally automated tests and run these tests in console mode
in a remote server, should we have both of KSE and KRE licenses at the same time? And for 3 machines for 3 users in a team , how many execution machines should you have?

@Russ_Thomas do you have any information please :slight_smile:

Has this been implemented now? I am no longer able to activate 6.3.3 as of today.

@ThanhTo Yes, I am also experiencing the same issue. On Mac, it keeps giving error invalid username or password even if I use new email to register. after successful registration, on the registration scene itself, it starts giving invalid username or password which is very annoying. If users are not able to activate 6.3.3 at least it should provide an understandable error message.
And on windows, if I have 2 versions 6.3.3 and later, after opening 6.3.3 version, every time it asks for activation which is again annoying.

It was advised by Katalon team that before April 30, 2020 user should be able to activate 6.3.3 version but this is not the case :disappointed: