Wildcard in web URL

Hi all,

I have a url displayed as something like this

When one of the website’s feature becomes connected, the value of ‘time’ changes into epoch timestamp
_ex. http://localhost:1000/ext?id=newID&time=1523949099&section=0

_I’ve tried doing time=* but it doesn’t seem to work. How could I set this into my test object so that the ‘time’ is equal to a wildcard?
Other suggestions on how to handle changing URLs would also be helpful.Thanks!

Hi Mronq,

which Katalon keyword do you want to use? If you want to navigate to the page, you have to know the wildcard number - then it is easy to put it to URL. But I am not 100% sure what you actually want to do.

Hi Marek,

We have a customized keyword that inputs an object (in image format) generated by GWT. URL varies according to timestamp. I want to get the current object regardless of the value of time.
The URL looks like this with changing timestamps:

Does it mean that this URL is a part of your XPath you use to identify some TestObject? If not, please add a code snippet as I can see how and where you use this URL.

Hi Mronq

Let me just say this at the outset - we are not mind readers. You are not helping us by not sharing your actual lines of code - like @Marek Melocik said:

I am not 100% sure what you actually want to do

And neither am I.

I am going to take a guess that you visit a page on your website (let’s call it page1), then you click on something (a button or a link), and then you are sent to another page (page2) and the URL has now changed with parameters using timestamps.

Is that right?

If that is correct, then I don’t see what the problem is. Parameters in a URL frequently change as the result of the user navigating the website. Most users pay no attention to them at all. Why would they need to? And that leads me to suggest, neither should you. In your tests, just do what a user would do: click things, read things, verify they look correct.

If at any point in your tests, you need to inspect the url, then you can:

def currentUrl = WebUI.getUrl()

If I’ve missed your point or misunderstood, please expand on your question with much more information and some lines of code.

Hope this helped