Why the screen need to be stay in the foreground during execution only can maintain success rate?

Want to ask , when execute the Katalon test case, the window pop up need to be in the foreground of the screen , which means must be able to view it clearly on screen only able to maintain the success rate .

If minimize the window pop out and let it run in background , it will more easier to fail . Is it any help or tricks to bypass for this ?

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Is “the window pop up” that you mention part of your browser that you are testing, or do you mean part of Katalon Studio?

Sometimes you need to add “wait” statements to your test scripts to “slow” your code to stay with your browser’s working. As an example, when your test scripts move to a new page, do you have: WebUI.waitForPageLoad(10). If you have an option that produces a new object, do you have: WebUI.waitForElementVisible(…, 10). These statements are not added by the Web Spy or Web Recorder but are likely needed in your test script, so you have to put them in after the fact.

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yes , what “the window pop up” means when execute , it will run on the browser , the browser that Katalon Studio running.

Do you run your application at full screen whether it is on top or minimized? If you don’t, then you should try to have both situations the same “size” so that objects that would be in the viewport would be in both cases.

If you tell us what error(s) you are getting, we might be able to figure out more. When you minimize, what other differences are there.

And, do not forget to insert your “wait” statements.

If it is on top on screen , when I run the test script for create 100 data , it able to pass ALL
If it is minimized to run on background , when I run the same test script for create 100 data , it will more easier to get FAIL in the middle of the 100 test case.

Ok , will try to implement the “wait” statements . Thanks @grylion54

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