Why the Invited Users default role is "Owner"

I invited two account, but the default role is owner, not user.
So I can’t delete the two account.
Please help…

When were they invited? We granted owner to users who had joined KA before this feature was introduced.

Please send us information via email (info@katalon.com) and we will change their permissions.

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I invited yesterday. I had email the info. Thanks

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Excuse me, when will change the permissions?

And I found when I create new account A, and B invite the new account A.
A will be user role when I login B in katalon annlytics (Correct)
But A is still user role when I login A in katalon analytics (wrong?)


Thank you for this bug report. The roles were stored correctly, however, there is a bug on UI that causes them to be rendered as Owner. All actions are still validated on our server, so these users will not be able to do anything beyond their actual permissions.

The fix for UI will be released this week. If you need to remove these users before that, let me know and we will proceed accordingly.