Why test suite collection can not run in debug mode

why Katalon studio allow to debug test suite but not test suite collection, can Katalon team make this available in test suite collection as well?

a collection is … a collection of suites, each would run with a preset profile.
so … makes no sense for me to ‘debug’ a collection since the issue will hapen in the suite in fact.
to be more specifc, the wrong behaviour usualy appear in a testcase, which is part of a suite
just saying …

My test suite collection using 4 different custom profile with same string but different value. That is based on how you design the script. Anyway, thanks for feedback and actually i was thinking to request admin remove this post.

@Paul_Fong why to delete it?
i just expressed my opinion, other people may think different. leave it open.
the idea is … when a collection fail, it is not failing entirely as far as i understand. but a given suite execution with a given profile.
so … run manually that suite, selecting the failing profile > locate the failing testcases.
next > run the failed testcases with the same profile. this is how you debug it :slight_smile: