Why some test cases are executed multiple times?

I have a test suite with around 6-8 test cases, two of them are executed multiple times where sometimes only the first passes or all of them passes?

Both cases happen with test cases where I am sending keys to an input field so not sure if it has any connection.

Anyone experienced this or had similar problem? Is it something that just happens or it’s my specific problem.

Could you please upload your logs to make us understand more about your case?

what are your setting here?:


Kind of can’t since it has information I don’t wanna publish. Curious thing is that there is an if statement and some steps after it.

First execution does everything as it supposed to but the second and third does only that if statement in shorter time (first execution 3,3 second, rest 0,3 second)

Andrej Podhajský said:

what are your setting here?

Already checked that. My settings are Retry set to zero and I checked the checkbox just in case. Still happening.

Hi, I am also facing the same issue. Is there any resolution to it.