Why is the delay from Project Settings not used between Custom Keywords?

I have a project where I need to use a delay between the single steps. Without a delay my test cases will fail, because they are executed too fast, so I set the “Delay between actions” in my Project Settings to 1 second.

Since the documentation for the Project Settings generally says “Delay between actions - The time for Katalon Studio to wait between test steps when executing test cases”, I expected the delay between every step, no matter if it’s a Web UI Keyword or a Custom Keyword.
When I started my test case, that consists mainly of Custom Keywords, the Log Viewer said “Action delay is set to 1 seconds”, but the delay wasn’t actually executed, which caused my tests to fail.

So my question is: Is the delay set in the Project Settings restricted to test steps, that are Web UI Keywords?
If this is the intended behaviour, I’m wondering why you would make a difference in the usage of a delay depending on which kind of keyword you used.

I’m using Katalon Studio 6.1.1.

I appreciate any hints or links if I missed something in the documentation.

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