Why is Run From Here available yet unresponsive?


The Run From Here functionality in KSE is incredibly useful when creating new test cases and debugging. We are able to make the function available by starting and stopping a test case with a web session (Tested with Chrome & Firefox) still open.

However, when we click the session to ‘Run From Here’, nothing happens anywhere.

We aren’t sure when this started happening and have raised a ticket with Katalon Support, but they are unable to replicate and are unsure of the cause, so wondering - is anyone else is getting this issue?

KSE 8.4.0 Build 208
Chromedriver 103.0.5060.134
geckodriver 0.31.0


@jeremy.harris, I showed this to Customer Support, and they are currently re-investigating your ticket on Katalon Support.

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Thanks Chen. Hot off the press is that it’s working now, most likely because of a (further) reboot. Phew! Not sure as to the cause but to anyone else who gets this, my only advice is to try rebooting again :sweat_smile: thanks for investigating, Katalon team