Why is Katalon Recorder v7.0 drastically slower than v6.0.3?

Actually, if you install an Extension in this way, then it won’t upgrade. I purposely keep two versions of the Katalon Recorder installed. The active current version, and a previous known-good version.

I switch back and forth by simply disabling one and enabling the other.

Why would I do this? Because browser extensions upgrade automatically whenever the extension developer releases a new version and not on my schedule.

I am a software developer myself and I know that not all releases are good. This is not me complaining, it is just the reality of life. I, myself, have released more duds than I care to admit. That is why I appreciate the Katalon Recorder extension. It helps me to keep my duds to a minimum. :slight_smile:

That said, this is not the first version of the Katalon Recorder that broke things. Sometimes purposely, sometimes not. When I am busy testing a release, I don’t necessarily have time to also debug the latest Katalon Recorder or upgrade my testing scripts. Sometimes I need to get a patch or feature out quickly.

Therefore it is important to me to have an older known-good version of the Katalon Recorder available. If something is off, I can quickly switch versions, complete my testing and log the issue afterward. It also means I can quickly verify that the issue is with the new release of the Katalon Recorder, and not some goofy error on my side.

End of Sermon