Why input in pop up dialog takes long time when do android automation in katalon

Hi Katalon Support,

I try input on pop up dialog but takes about 4 minutes to start input and also why input text only set in same object edit text(please see my video screenshot for detail).
I attach video screenshot and also my source code.
Please help me to solve this problem.


https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1rMCN0xOaqMyAf-cOGuvX_4yRtkNhJeRm?usp=sharinglaunchHelper.txt (2.5 KB)
navigation.groovy.txt (6.0 KB)
testCase.txt (1.6 KB)

Hi @muhammad_saipul_rohm,

For Android, I’ve had better luck using Appium’s sendKeys instead of Katalon’s setText, so you might want to try that instead:

AppiumDriver<MobileElement> driver = (AppiumDriver<MobileElement>) MobileDriverFactory.getDriver();
Keyboard keyboard = driver.getKeyboard();

Hope this helps,


Hi @chris_trevarthen,

What code to get Element ID in input Text?


Hi @muhammad_saipul_rohm,

I think your code in navigation.groovy.txt seems right for finding the input field:


However, it could be taking awhile if the Test Object definition for that object isn’t specific enough and the test needs to parse through a lot of elements to find the one you want. Could you please share the Test Object properties for OTP/txtOTP1?

– Chris

Herewith i send txtOTP1 file.


txtOTP1.txt (4.8 KB)