Why datalists?

Because of the errors in copy-pasting within the Firefox recorder, I went to hand-edit the HTML file. However if I ever delete a , when I try loading the file into K’s Recorder it accepts that there is a Test Suite, but no tests for it.


And why datalists at all? It seems to copy the first piece of information, then include several things which are substrings of the same thing…

Why didn’t the Selenium format work?

FWIW, I don’t think you’ll get a categoric, reasoned, meaningful answer to that question. As far as I’m aware, none of the KS developers post here (don’t know if they even read this stuff) so any answer you get is likely to be, at best, “filtered”.

For me, I want to know why, when KS has problems saving (it does, cpl times a week) it advises I should use “File, SaveAs” from the file menu. Huh? There’s no such menu item. But could I get any response to that Q? Nope. And it’s still a bug.

We need formal bug tracking system. And I’ll keep on until I get bored. :wink:

Sorry. Got into a bit of a rant there… :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you for all meaningful feedback. We will improve the format in future releases.

Regarding the original issue with copy-pasting, could you please elaborate?

The reason behind the use of “datalist” is to store all candidate XPath selectors so that user can make a change later.