Why Browser Type is not displayed under Run Dropdown for Offline activation?

Hi Team,
We have downloaded the katalon 7.3.0 version and installed using the offline Activation using Machine ID. Now I tried to run the katalon test cases using run button. we are unable to see the list of browser type in the Run button dropdown. Please post your comments if any i have missed ?

Please find the below screenshot

Hi @naveenkumar.sampath

Please try to download a refresh copy from katalon website.

We tried several times and we are facing same issue.
Currently we are downloaded the katalon.exe file under mapped network drive called H drive. Found browertype list not displayed under run button…

But same files we are copied under C drive and tried executing the katalon.exe file… Now we observed browertype list is displayed under run button…

Main reason of executing the katalon in network drive because of space issue in local network drive… Could you please provide the solution?


Just increase the space of the H drive. However, we recommend you copy the Katalon Studio instance to your local machine.