Why be a part of a Community?

When you feel small, when you lack confidence
When you want to grow or don’t know how to move forward.

There is strength in Community.

  1. Collective knowledge: No individual possesses all the answers, and regardless of your adeptness at finding information online, consulting with experts will always provide superior insights.

  2. Pushing our boundaries: When working alone, it’s often too tempting to give up when faced with challenges. However, surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals who share similar goals or objectives will provide you with motivation, support, and healthy competition, driving you to surpass your limits.

  3. Support and Motivation: There is strength in all of us, but some days, achieving our goals may seem impossible. Finding yourself in a group of people that will support you and enable you restores your confidence and strength. This is an invaluable blessing. We believe in you, sometimes more than you believe in yourself, and their support can help you persevere.

  4. Fresh, innovative ideas: Working within a community of like-minded people allows the collective wisdom of the group to surpass the capabilities of any individual working alone. Diverse perspectives and unique approaches to problem-solving greatly enhance the potential for innovative solutions.

  5. Shared Journeys, Shared Accomplishments

When mentoring and helping others in your community, you are helping them on their journey. It’s a shared sacrifice and a shared sense of accomplishment when your fellow community members reach their goals.

Give to the effort and let it give back to you.

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I feel that, sometimes, people just take the support from others for granted, without contributing much back to the community. This happens quite a lot on support communities I believe, where most people come to ask for help and then leave once their questions have been resolved, and only to come back some times later if they run into another problem.

Katalon forum is no exception to this, though to be fair, software testing doesn’t come across as a popular interest (compare to sport, beauty, gaming, etc.) to the vast majority of people; hence, that sort of explain why most treat it as another customer support portal. I have seen some real long-time members on this forum who are still active → they’re truly passionate about this forum.

So, I guess my question is that how can you turn said relationship above (if you can call it that) into a 2-way street where “takers” also become “givers”?

That’s a fair reflection,
What i’ve noticed, by just focusing on making the community a fun, open, collaborative space. Your group will grow and you’ll enjoy the experience along the way. Typically, only 1-4 percent of the newly added people are very active. Lurkers are a real thing to though, just because people aren’t posting doesn’t mean people aren’t viewing.
I’ve found that true in other groups too. I have one user group that has about 200k members and there are times it’s dead quiet on “the board”.
Then I’ll run a “poll” and I’ll see hundreds of responses in under an hour… So they are out there just waiting to be inspired !

For some people we are a place to relax at the end of the day, for others we are just a ball of SME knowledge to get specific info from. Maybe it’s a source to find a job, maybe it’s knowledge sharing, maybe it’s me sharing how i make my “best grilled steak” ;). I just focus on the things I can control.
Offering up as many new interesting things as possible, and enjoying each others company as we all walk this path together.

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