While Loop Issues: Unchecked Object Property Or Cached Object Being Detected (Version 5.4)

After running a script with a while loop that concludes with “Verify Element Present”, I am seeing 2 different issues in version 5.4 that I did not encounter in version 5.3.1.

If an element/object is not present, for some cases the element will still be detected with the log stating “Found web element with id: ‘Object Repository/Not your account (link)’ from cache”.

For other cases, if the checked “Object Property” is not found, the unchecked Object Properties are being used and detected. In this case, I have had to remove all Object Properties from an object to resolve this issue (or use version 5.3.1 again).

While loop example:

Object Property that would work using version 5.3.1 (unchecked boxes must be deleted in version 5.4 or they will be detected if the checked property is not found):